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1 hour

Outdoor Location

60 minutes of physical training and basic techniques.



Training + Choreography                                           

120 minutes of training going over basic techniques

and choreography that’s requested from the dancer. 

60 minutes of training

60 minutes choreography

Your choice of genre/ music



Sub- Teaching                                   

Teaching companies as a fill-in for an instructor.

Minimum 2 hours (paid same day)


Judging Competitions and auditions for teams, schools, and community. 


Prices vary depending location 

HBCU/Majorette  Dancing 


Masterclasses (Team)

Beginners, pros, advanced prices vary. Determined how advanced dancers are.


Middle School Rate (Team)      

High school Rate (team)          

Minimum of 2 hours booked. Deposit must be made immediately during booking.


Prices vary depending on location/ timeframe/ and dancers needed.


3-minute dance solo          Starting Rate $150

3-minute dance ensemble Starting Rate $290

5-minute dance solo          Starting Rate $220

5-minute dance ensemble Starting Rate $300

Please contact me for Final Rate


Traveling Fee- $200

( Must Cover Traveling Fee) 

 Booking fee- 50% of final rate

Dance Sessions

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