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Richshawnda Johnson,  known as Tweet,  was born and raised in Miami Gardens, Florida. As a child, she took on many roles and interests. Tweet has always strived for greatness in any challenge placed before her.


Tweet Johnson is a multidisciplinary creative. Deeply influenced by her roots and passion for the arts, she uses her talents to enrich the lives of individuals, as well as emerging young talent. Tweet made dancing a priority in her life. Tweet featured as the main character on the famous Netflix series “ Marching Orders” and she still makes time to travel to teach students around the world. She launched her brand to build a foundation for herself as she teaches choreography to different studios, schools, and the community.


Tweet seeks to elevate others through Performance Art, Dance, Education, Mentoring, and HBCU dance-line. These are the unifying elements and core values of the Tweet Johnson movement  She brings a fresh, new perspective to all the lives she touches through empowerment, self-expression, and belief in one’s self and abilities. The heart and soul of Tweet is a person who is a leader and creative visionary. Her philosophy encompasses being a vessel of inspiration, helping others to consider new perspectives, and providing instructional skills/techniques to help individuals achieve their goals. 


The lessons Tweet learned along her journey have shaped her approach to life, and allowed her to grow as a person, a performer, and an educator. Tweet believes each dancer is different in their own way. Dance must always remain accessible to the world, Tweet enjoys private instructional work and solo/team choreography. Tweet hopes to launch her very own organization that helps other people who also have a passion for dance like her. Her saying she goes by is Be Confident, Be Divergent, and Be Innovative that helped shape Tweet into the woman she is today.  She has helped many people express themselves and further develop their abilities in this field. She looks forward to helping young dancers who may be struggling to find their footing in this industry. For now, she is making her voice heard throughout her community. 

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